Why Ed?

ed culvert 400I believe that I possess the unique ability to blend business with  Community.  Our costs of doing business should be contained.  Increasing business and not taxes should be a top priority. I ran for the town board on the platform of being fiscally responsible and cost effective. I have not voted for a tax rate increase in the three years I’ve been on the board.  I voted against a full time planner and was given the responsibility along with Robert Cree of finding a part time consultant. We did, and are saving the taxpayers up to $50,000 a year.

As a Supervising Pharmacist for over 30 years, my responsibilities included all functions of running a pharmacy from ordering, inventory control, auditing, inspections, staffing and scheduling, achieving customer service, problem solving, and improving customer  experience.

  1. to be COST EFFECTIVE.  Doing the same jobs in a less expensive manner. Cross training employees.
  2. to seek and achieve VALUE.
  3. to spend money but NOT WASTE money.
  4. to  constantly strive to WORK SMARTER and IMPROVE.

These will be blended with the aspects of Community.  Some examples of Community are:
  1. Stressing and Encouraging Volunteerism
  2. Promoting and Reinforcing the concepts of GOOD NEIGHBORS
  3. Exponentially improving MORAL.  We are fortunate to have a very capable and competent  highway department. I call them the CLYDESDALES. A magnificent group of workers that do many difficult jobs.The staff at the Town Hall is extremely gifted. we will need them at their best to meet the challenges that Lansing is now facing. 
  4. Constantly promoting the goodness of Lansing through positive reinforcement We easily get caught on the small imperfections of our lives and ignore all the wonderful qualities of them.
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As the President of the Lansing Community Council I have sought to achieve a financially secure and yet inclusive entity that improves the quality of Lansing through Empowerment.

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